The Holy Grail of Mascara

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Every girl looks for the perfect mascara, but is there really such a thing as the Holy Grail of mascaras?
There are so many brands in the market; it can be quite a challenge to choose the right brand.
Do you go designer or do you go high street? Is there really a difference?
The price is the major difference between the mascaras for the best of the high street you are looking around £8 and for a designer brands around £23.
So where to start?
Maybelline New York volume Express, colossal cat eyes mascara in glam black from the high street is a perfect place to start, it is a brilliant buy and seems to be one of the top sellers at the moment, costing around £8 it gives you a great effect, strong bold lashes and not clumpy.
Unfortunately the mascara doesn’t seem thick enough and because of that it doesn’t last the duration of the day. The brush could be better but it does the trick.
Finally the smell of the mascara is also quite potent and gives you the idea it is filled with some chemical preservatives, but it seem to mean that the actual mascara  itself last for months, if you struggle with sensitive eyes then this might not be the best product for you.
Boots, Superdrug and many other chemists are the main outlet’s to buy Maybelline’s New York volume Express; you can also get it online, which is fantastic as you can be assured you can always get this product.
That really is the best of the high street, but I think once you have tried a designer brand, it’s hard to go back to the high street!
Dior Show; really is the best of the best in terms of the designer names, but it has so many down falls, the price tag is fairly sustainable starting at around about £23, you can sometimes troll the internet and find a bargain but it is relatively hard to do.
The price tag aside the mascara itself is actually incredible it gives you a volume boost a lash extension, the smell is minimal and the brush itself is full and thick to help you achieve the effect.

The downside is the mascara itself lasts around 3 weeks after that it goes clumpy and dry, therefore begging the question is the £23 really worth it?

In my opinion it really is! There is nothing quite like it, I have tried so many other brands and always end up with Dior show in my make up bag.
There is a middle ground from Chanel; I never thought the words Chanel and middle ground would go together! But ironically in this situation they do.
Inimitable Intense Mascara is a perfect blend of the two, the brush is more like the Maybelline brush which is slightly more plastic, and it seems the longevity of the product is better, it still sculpts your eyelashes and gives you a fantastic effect similar to Dior, the only difference being that the finish you get from Dior show is still slightly better.
The major bonus is it doesn’t go dry and clumpy after a few weeks The Inimitable Intense Mascara from Channel is still fairly pricey coming in at around £22, but you do get a far better value for money product, and get the great false lash effect we are all after.
So not a Holy Grail, but a few great places to start!

Maybelline New York volume Express
Dior Show
Chanel Inimitable