A Girl Can But Dream

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Perfect In Everyway

Perfect In Everyway

There are very few options when buying jewellery, it seems you can either stick to the high street jewellers and spend a small fortune on disappointing and average jewellery. Or head to Tiffany, and spend outrageous amounts of money for a ring or necklace that every other person has or wants.


Amethyst Lips Ring

I’m not a fan of average jewellery that looks just the same as every other piece on the market, and it just seems so soul destroy to spend a small fortune on boring and plain jewellery.

On Fire And In Love

I wish I could say I had found a solution, I haven’t by any means, but I have found the perfect place to focus all my day dreaming. ‘Solange’ jewellery is everything you could want exciting, different, magical, strange and intriguing and I could buy the whole shop in a heart beat- but there is one very large  problem you will need very very deep pockets, but for now a girl can dream. If you need me you know where ill be.

My Dream