A Trip To The SmilePod

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“A Smile Can Brighten Up The Darkest Day”


Tucked away within easy walking distance of Liverpool St is “Smilepod” a company and service dedicated to dentistry. Offering numerous services including, teeth straightening, whitening, cleaning and more I was there to try out the High Gloss Diamond Polish.


Greeted by a smiling secretary in the large foyer I was directed to Smilepod reception, after filling out a brief form I was led towards a small room with a dentist chair, bright and airy I was immediately made to feel at home and sat in the chair and began to speak to the dentists about the treatment, I was taken through each stage of what was about to happen and any pre “dentist nerves” were soon forgotten. After donning some rather cool orange sunglasses It was straight to work, each tooth was given rigorous attention as the clean began, I could immediately feel the benefits, after a “hydro wash” and then a polish I was given a mirror to look at my teeth, it was amazing, the difference was incredible, all the plaque and coffee stains has been removed and running my tongue across the back of my lower teeth now came with a clean sensation I hadn’t felt in a long time. What’s more the staff were amazing, offering information on what was happening at every turn of the clean, the service and atmosphere was very calming, I’ll certainly be back to keep this smile in tip top shape.


For more information: www.smilepod.co.uk


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