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The Brand Of The Moment

The Brand Of The Moment

Acne is certainly making waves in the fashion world and the super trendy and the too cool for school crowd are doing wonders for the brand.

There are pieces that I absolutely love within the range, like the Karma currency green trousers, but its hard to assess a time when these would be appropriate to wear them, other than in the height of summer, or for the super cool seasoned ‘Fashion Week’ goer.

A Must Have

There seems to be a lot of fashion and not as much style, but it would be unfair for me to dismiss the brand completely as I may just be a little to reserved for the bold styles of Acne.  The price tags are bold for basic pieces such as a £70 plain T-shirt.

Which leaves me trying to work out if  this Swedish designer is an over priced Zara or is it truly a brand of the future?

Is It Worth The Price (£70)