Allie of Skin focuses on day and night masks for problematic skin

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Forget long-winded, complicated skin care routines that are a chore to complete. Allies of Skin is here to prove that a small selection of clever, hard-working problem solvers is all you need to get your skin performing at its best, no matter how busy you are.


This unique range of products was created in 2015 by Nicholas Travis, as a response to the overwhelming ‘noise’ within the beauty industry. Starting with just three key products, the brand has grown to include seven effective formulas – including the world’s first leave-on all day face mask – each with the ability to train the skin to behave better. Known as ‘adaptogenic skincare’, Allies of Skin products work synergistically with your skin to adapt their function according to your specific needs; essentially doing all the hard work for you. They believe the skin should be able to heal and correct itself effectively, so each product aims to enhance the healing process through the use of powerful actives and antioxidants. By activating the receptors responsible for collagen, elastin, cell and melanin formation, the long-term benefit is healthy, happy skin.

 Start your journey with their game-changing formulas. The 1A Overnight Mask takes this further and combines a new derivative of Retinol with a blend of skin-brighteners, to combat blemishes, fine lines, sun damage and fatigue. In fact, it syncs with your sleep cycle, to provide the perfect antidote to one too many late nights. Another innovative must-try product is the Molecular Saviour Mist. Unlike traditional toners and refreshing mists, this one contains a blend of probiotics and antioxidants to rejuvenate the skin, in a composition made from specialist anti-evaporation molecules. This means each and every ingredient clings to the skin instead of simply vanishing, ensuring better and more long-lasting results.

Every product is also dermatologist and allergy-tested, is non-comedogenic, and is free from potential irritants like silicones, mineral oil, parabens, sulphates, and synthetic dyes and fragrance. That’s the allies promise.

Prices start at: £38.00 and all products available at

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