Alo Yoga

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It looks like we are a little late to the party as their Instagram is flooding over with fans but we had to share as we fell head over heels in love with the pieces so had to post about Alo Yoga.

Alo Yoga


Every piece they design comes from their practice —  always with the goal of perfecting forward, contemporary pieces that work from studio to street. When they practice in the studio, they also test the garments, so the fit, the feel, the look and the performance of Alo pieces let yogis focus 100% on their practice, and effortlessly look amazing.

Alo Yoga


What they say

“Alo stands for Air, land & ocean so it’s no surprise we take care of momma earth as well as we take care of our yogis. We’ve been making clothing in the U.S. and internationally in a 100% no-sweatshop, humane, sustainable way since day one — we’re gold certified for responsible production by W.R.A.P., an independent group of social compliance experts. At the Alo flagship store and design studio our alternative power source is solar. Our warehouses are lit by passive solar, helping us minimize our footprint, and they’re totally paper free. It’s big things like these, and smaller ones, like installing a bunch of electric car charging stations, keeping a Zen meditation garden and having a hyper-recycling program in our offices to make sure we aren’t needlessly creating waste, that make Alo Yoga different, and always striving to put a little more namaste into tomorrow than we did today.”

Alo Yoga

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