Better Than Sex

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The quest for the best mascara continues, with so many products it’s a mind field of the new and the classics. Better Than Sex is a mascara created, by Too Faced which was started by the Co-Founders, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, who got their start behind the department store makeup counter. Jerrod worked at the Estée Lauder counter and Jeremy also spent time at Estee Lauder, as well as Armani and Chanel. Working one-on-one with clients allowed both of them to quickly discover the transformative power makeup had on women. Their vision was to create a makeup line that would celebrate individuality and inject joy back into an industry that had become rigidly led by rules, not fun.

They say This unique collagen-fueled formula thickens, lengths, and curls after just one coat. Swipe on 3 coats for the most luscious, dramatic, volumized lashes possible.

After trying it I’m suitable impressed and I will leave it for you to decide if it’s better than sex.

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