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There is a secret out there and if you don’t know about it then it is certainly time to find out.

It’s a secret that the celebrities use on the red carpet and stylist wouldn’t be with out and it is shape wear.


It doesn’t matter what size you are and whether you are trying to slim over your lumps and bumps, accentuate your figure or give yourself a little bit of body confidence, the question really is why would you not give yourself that little extra helping hand?

You can wear them in the gym, to a wedding or everyday under your jeans, it’s the little secret that you need to know about.

With 100’s of different brands of shape wear in the market, the only questions remaining is which brand to buy and where to start.

Well I certainly have the answer.

QVC- Trinny & Susannah

 Trinny and Susannah have developed a range exclusively for QVC and with over 15 years of styling experience and having dressed over 1000 women on their ‘What Not To Wear’ TV show they have certainly put in the groundwork into developing the ultimate shape wear product.


I will be on QVC for a day and night to bring you two fantastic shape wear products- make sure you join me and get yourself a little bit of extra body confidence.


Me on QVC


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

― Coco Chanel

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