Brazilian Bikini Queen

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Taking The World By Storm

As the summer holidays days draw near, the thought on everyone girls mind is where to go to find that perfect bikini.

Look no further as Fashion Forensics are always on the pulse with the latest designs and we have discovered Lenny Niemeye. She is the Brazilian bikini queen whose designs and vibrant styles are taking the world by storm.

Check out her range on her website and make sure you grab your summer must have.

Brazilian Bikini Queen

Lenny like many designers came from humble begins having started her business in her garage, where she modified store-bought bikinis and then stitched her own out of whatever materials she could get her hands on. Rings made from cow bones, sliced with her husband’s surgical saw and chemically treated to keep them from decomposing, became the initial adornment of choice.

Her empire now continues to expand, and Niemeyer now employs some 180 seamstresses who churn out roughly 30,000 pieces a month at her humming headquarters-and-factory.

If you are looking to blow minds on the beach this summer join the Lenny Niemeyerevelation.

Bikini Queen

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