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Travel site momondo finds bad food ruins a break for 54% of Brits.

Brits rate Italy, then France and Spain as best foodie nations almost 10% of Brits eat more when returning home. With ample opportunities to munch on mince pies, snaffle sausage rolls and consume chocolate, Christmas is the one time of year most Brits traditionally overeat.

Yet according to new consumer research this week by popular travel search site, Brits prioritisefood, wine and dining out all year round – with 14% claiming they prefer to spend their additional income this way.


momondo also found Brits rate good food one of the most important ingredients for a happy holiday, analysing the survey data from 1,000 Brits on attitudes around food and travel.

As 38% of Brits stated fine fare was of the highest importance, for a brilliant break. And bad gastronomy in a resort or city can ruin a trip for 54% of Brits.

In fact, more Brits stated gruesome grub spoils their travels, than those citing bad weather having the same effect at 50%. Around the world in 80 dishes, Brits surveyed by momondo also crowned Italy as the greatest gastronomic nation, with 31% stating they viewed it the best worldwide country for food.

Following in joint second were Spain and France, each with 19% of Brits voting the countries’ cuisine best. Yet only 4% of Brits voted Germany a grand gourmet destination, with just 1% of Brits voting for other nations Norway, Sweden and Russia.

With our capital London boasting some 65 Michelin-starred restaurants however, it appears we Brits still commend our own cooking at home. The UK claimed 29% votes from Brits, as offering the best food worldwide.

How our foreign feasting impacts our everyday, and ever wondered perhaps why we have adopted so many diverse cuisines in the UK with relish?

Well 15% of Brits surveyed by momondo stated they enjoy continuing to eat the same food and wine they sampled on their holidays abroad, on arriving back to the UK.

And 9% of Brits admitted to actually eating more food on their return to make returning from the holiday easier.

Better renew that gym membership then.


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