Burger & Lobster Launches Gender Neutral Cocktails

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A sign of the times, London hotspot Burger & Lobster, has just launched the first gender-neutral ‘Mixed-ology’ cocktails range.

Five signature cocktails are colourless in a bid to remove stereotypes, allowing customers focus on taste rather than marketing, when choosing a delicious drink.

Expert mixologist, Eduard Balan, partnered with Head of Bar at Burger & Lobster, George Pugsley, to shake up traditional cocktails and create a new Mixed-ology range using unique and innovative ingredients such as grape and elderflower cordial, kombucha and a peach aperitif liqueur.

Demonstrating how stereotypes in marketing can affect consumer choice, in a first of its kind social experiment, Burger & Lobster examined customer behaviour and choice when selecting a cocktail. 31% of male customers were put off choosing a particular cocktail such as a Cosmopolitan or Pina Colada because the name was too ‘feminine’. Whilst 11% female customers were too embarrassed to order drinks considered more ‘masculine’ such as a Negroni or an Old Fashioned.

Further, new external research* commissioned by Burger & Lobster revealed that more than a fifth (21%) of the UK don’t feel comfortable drinking certain drinks, considering them more suitable for the opposite gender.

Burger & Lobster’s colourless and neutral Mixed-ology cocktail range offers a refreshing take on the classics, including a Mojito and Negroni. Using homemade tropical pineapple Kombucha for a take on a Piña Colada, to a tangy lime saccharum for a Margarita, the weird yet wonderful ingredients make for a tantalising cocktail range that will make everyone happy at the bar.

Burger & Lobster is looking to roll out the Soho Mixed-ology menu across its London restaurants throughout 2020.