Chateau Lou Casteou showcases hottest dance craze Kizomba on next luxury dance retreat

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Chateau Lou Casteou showcases the hottest dance craze

on its next luxury dance and fitness retreat

Q&A on Kizomba from multi award-winning instructor

Christian Jean Francois

EP716H London, UK. 13th May, 2015. Kizomba DJ of the Year winner ‘Christian Jean-Francois of the LUKAS 2015 at Koko in London. Credit: See Li/Alamy Live News

With over 100 new clubs and pop-up nights fast appearing in the last year all over the capital and beyond, Londoners are fast becoming familiar with the word – KIZOMBA.

Originating from Angola, Kizomba isa genre of dance derived from Semba and with musical origins from French Caribbean Zouk and Semba.  Kizomba is sung generally in Portuguese and danced with a romantic flow.

And Luxury Cote d’Azur Chateau Lou Casteou is embracing this new trend, including Kizomba for guests on its next exclusive residential dance retreat – Let’s Salsa.

Furthermore, Lou Casteou is delighted to announce award-winning Christian Jean Francois as it’s Kizomba instructor – a Kizomba, Semba and Cuban specialist. Christian has won several awards, including best Kizomba teacher and a prestigious Lukas award.

Here Christian runs us through the dance craze sweeping THE UK…

Tell us in a nutshell what kizomba is?

Kizomba is a dance originating from Angola, it is sometimes nicknamed the African Tango. The name kizomba means ‘party, having a good time’ in Angolan dialect. It is a very vibrant, cool and sensual partner dance, enjoyed to highly rhythmic music.

What is the key defining factor about kizomba, which differentiates it from other types of Latin dance?

The main difference is that Kizomba is an African dance rather than being a Latin dance. IKizomba there is lots of scope for dancers to interpret the music themselves and for individual expression. Rhythms and step combinations can vary continually, and dancers can move on time, half time or in a syncopated pattern. This is quite different from Salsa, where the rhythm and steps are more clearly defined and  followed by all dancers.

What’s your favourite move?

My favourite move is called Casamento. A beautiful move meaning ‘marriage’it is the integration of a male saida

followed by a female saidathen into a star pattern step. This always looks fabulous on the dance floor when well executed.

How should beginners get started?

Beginners need to go to Kizomba dance classes, learn the steps and rules and practise, practise, practise. Dancers can then start to break rules and enjoy greater freedom and musicality. There are many dance class options and of course we recommend coming to the beautiful Lou Casteou dance academy in the south of France and learning kizomba with us.

So Christian, tell us a bit about how you got into kizomba?

had been running a dance school called Latin Quartier for several years and was mainly focusing on Cuban salsa. Then an Angolan friend approached me and we discussed introducing Kizomba into the London dance scene, as few people knew the dance. I am from Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean originally and had grown up listening and dancing to Zoukwhich is the origins of Kizomba music. Our launch of Kizomba was very successful. I went on to win several prestigious awards and one  Lukas award. I wrote the Kizomba original syllabus and have enjoyed a lead role in the fantastic growth of the now  thriving UK and international Kizomba scene.

It is an amazing dance with great scope for creativity and pleasure. I love the music and dance.


From the 4th –7th April,2019 guests will learn the different dance disciplines of Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Merengue, Regaetton and Street Dance on the fun four-day, all-inclusive luxurious residential retreat. The retreat caters for both beginners and experienced dancers wishing to improve footwork skills. Dancing is complimented by fitness activities designed to improve core and leg muscle groups used in dance. These include core strengthening and fun swiss ball sessions, plus water and Latino aerobics, boxercise and a tennis workshop. Wine tasting and evening cocktails are enjoyed around the pool, followed by elegant dinners and themed dance party nights.

Details: Four days’ full board costs £1,250 per person in a private en-suite room with sea- or mountain-view or £998 for 2 guests sharing, price includes all meals and wine, open bar over the four days, a champagne reception, daily dance and fitness classes, excursions and transfers from Nice airport (+44 (0)7990 573 287,