Domaines Paul Mas to redefine luxury tourism in the Languedoc

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Languedoc, July 2016: Domaines Paul Mas is set to expand its tourism offering this summer at theDomaine’s two luxury suites in Montagnac, home of Domaines Paul Mas award-winning restaurant, Côte Mas. Underpinning owner Jean Claude Mas’ philosophy of “Luxe Rural,” the accommodation at Montagnac is located in the heart of the vineyards, where visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating wine culture of the Languedoc. “The modern concept of luxury isn’t simply about opulence,” says Jean-Claude Mas. “Luxury has been redefined: people now want authenticity and a real sense of place – this is the type of experience we must provide for our guests.”

Situated in one of the Languedoc’s most important wine-growing regions, our suites continue to welcome discerning guests who want all the creature comforts of home; furnished to the highest standards, the suites include complimentary wi-fi, climate control and Nespresso coffee machines. A modern kitchen/dining area is also at the entire disposal of guests during their stay, in addition to an outdoor pool and patio area. “We want guests to feel relaxed – there is no set agenda or itinerary when you book into our suites,” says Mas.

Of course, guests of Domaines Paul Mas will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a full range of both relaxed and more energised activities if they so desire. At Montagnac, visitors will have countless opportunities to try Domaines Paul Mas’ superb range of sparkling wines while enjoying the glorious Mediterranean sunshine – what could be better than sipping bubbles by the pool, enjoying a bottle of Crémant de Limoux Rosé? The Domaine will also happily organise visits to the cellars and daily tutored tastings.

Domaines Paul Mas Domaines Paul Mas

In addition to poolside hedonism, a whole host of more frenetic diversions can be organised to suit guests’ needs. These include an exciting quad-bike ride through the local vineyards, accompanied by an expert guide. And for guests who enjoy a more leisurely pace of life, the domaine will arrange for you to tour the local area on horseback, again in the presence of qualified instructors.

Culture lovers will want to head to the quintessential rural town of Pézenas, less than 20 minutes away by car. Quaint but not tourist-ridden, Pézenas boasts one of the region’s most captivating old towns; full of winding streets, several boutique art galleries, picturesque squares and a famous Saturday food market, notable for its wide selection of local cheeses and seafood.

Gourmets are also extremely well-catered for at Domaines Paul Mas. The Côte Mas restaurant is literally a few steps away from the suites and offers both an alfresco dining terrace with outstanding views of the landscape, and an indoor space for cooler nights. The restaurant serves superlative modern French cuisine with plenty of international accents – the tasting menu playfully combines European, Asian and South-American elements to offer an unique fusion experience. Côte Mas is also proud to showcase live jazz from local musicians every Thursday during the summer months, the perfect start to any evening in the Languedoc. Sundays at Côte Mas are another highlight: visitors can enjoy a leisurely Mediterranean style banquet at Sunday Brunches, with a selection of mouthwatering seasonal dishes, all based on locally sourced ingredients.

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Adventurous foodies will also have the chance to savour the hustle and bustle of a professional kitchen in the raw, with cooking tuition from head chef Kevin Breugnot, A totally unique and bespoke experience from Cote Mas, participants will be able to learn from Kevin during the busy service periods, affording them an unparalleled opportunity to cook right in the heart of an adrenaline-filled kitchen. However, for guests who prefer a more ‘casual’ ambience, Domaines Paul Mas has recently opened a new bistro style restaurant, which serves delicious, buffet style food in the most relaxed of surroundings – no participation required.

Domaines Paul Mas has been run by Jean-Claude Mas since 2000, who has quickly built up an impressive portfolio of 12 estates covering 650ha of choice vineyards across the region. Today,Domaines Paul Mas is one of the Languedoc’s most influential wineries and greatest innovators; Mas continues to prioritise sustained organic production in the region, and is now leading the vanguard for sulphur free and low sulphite wines in the Languedoc.

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