Everybody Loves Primark

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Primark Looking good

Primark Looking good

I did always wonder when we would see the day that Primark sold on-line, and to absolutely honest I thought they would do their own online store.

Primark Now On-Line

But I suppose with the mass turn around and the unusually high number of customers, it would make for such an impossible task. So it seems ASOS the online clothes retail, have taken up the challenge, they have started small and selected well.

Go Team Primark

Both men’s and ladies ranges are available with the same policies that ASOS offer with all other brands.

With only a handful of clothes in stock on their site it certainly is going to be interesting to see their sales figure. They have dressed the clothes well and the prices are still reflective of what you would expect to see in the store and its certainly seems a nicer option than heading into the store and taking on the hordes of people, and queuing for ages just to pay.

All Eyes On Primark

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