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Front Row, Fashion One‘s lifestyle and fashion magazine show, is back for its third season this June on Fashion One. International stylist, Rachel Anthony, reunites with Fashion One for Front Row Season 3. She will be joined by fashion presenter and model, Sam Simmons, and celebrity correspondent, Kiri Bloore; This awesome threesome roll out the red carpet to give you exclusive access to the latest catwalk events around the globe and the celebrities who are wearing designer gowns.

Front Row

Straight from the runway into your home, Front Row returns to bringFashion One viewers more fashion tips, commentaries, and updates on the ins and outs of today’s fashion. Get a VIP pass to the most wanted front row seats to cutting-edge fashion shows and celebrity trends of this year’s Spring Summer Collections from Italy, France, UK, USA, and Asia Fashion Weeks. “I want the audience to feel informed but also to feel that it’s fun to watch, like engaging into a conversation with us,” Rachel expressed.

Kiri Bloore presents the new celebrity segment, revealing VIPs sat on the front row of the fashion show and showing clips of celebrities spotted wearing designer gowns on the red carpet. Webisodes of this segment will also be available to watch online at Fashion One‘s website. “Hopefully people can join in and share their opinions on the celebrities we’ve spotted on the red carpet, telling us who they loved and who they loathed!” added Kiri.

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“Front Row is more than just a fashion reportage show; with seasonal critique, obligatory controversy and some well-tailored tittle-tattle,” executive producer, Ashley Jordan reveals, “Front Row Season 3 will have 360 view of fashion as the added red carpet segment will show fashion in The Real World and not just on the runway.”

From Christian Dior to Gareth Pugh, Blake Lively to George Clooney, Front Row Season 3 is your golden ticket in bringing the latest in runways and celebrity fashion right into your homes

Front Row Season 3 premieres on June 13, 2013 and will be shown every Thursdays at 21:30 (for United Kingdom), 21:00 (for South Africa), and 22: 00 (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+2 for Africa and rest of Europe), exclusively on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

To learn more about Front Row, you can visit or post your comments on @fashion_one #FrontRow.
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