Festival Fashion Part 2

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In our last festival 101 we talked about jackets, which seems slightly strange given that we are talking about summer festivals.

But I know we are all on the same page when we talk about the British weather. Generally it’s hard to know what the weather is going to do which is why I make leggings long tops and dresses my best friends.

When the weather turns you don’t want to fuss around and start worrying about changing or be freezing cold and end up not having fun- so just simply keep your leggings rolled up in your bag and slip them on when you get cold. It’s a much easier solution than trying to change in the confines of your little tent and trust me trying to find something comfortable and cute in the pitch black is impossible and very stressful.

So many stores at the moment have amazing leggings with different prints and patterns you can make an amazing outfit with leggings alone.

Also they are so comfortable you can dance the night away without a care in the world and very affordable, so you will have no worries about leaving them behind at the end of the weekend. If you cover them in mud or (booze) ha-ha.

Remember you wont be showering for days and the last ting you want to be doing is worrying how you look so simple plain black and white long basic tops from some where like H&M and leggings will always do the trick.

A Pair Of My Festival Leggings

A Pair Of My Festival Leggings

We will talk dresses, underwear and accessories next time.

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