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Move over olive oil.  Step aside butter.  In fact, it’s time to put all of your usual cooking oils to one side.

GHEE EASY has just launched in the UK and is set to change the way you cook, forever!

So what is GHEE EASY?

GHEE EASY is a pure form of clarified butter.  With a rich and nutty flavour, it’s organic, has a long shelf life (two years) and is a source of Omega 3 and 6, as well as vitamins A, D, E and K.

So why do I need it in my kitchen?

GHEE EASY is a healthy and delicious alternative to cooking with butter and traditional oils.  Whether you use olive, sunflower, coconut or vegetable oil, it’s time to make some kitchen space for this natural and versatile cooking product.

Here’s the clever bit! Unlike butter which starts burning at 130°C and traditional cooking oils which turn black at 160°C, GHEE EASY has a much higher smoke point – 250°C to be precise.

Therefore, GHEE EASY offers the same rich flavour you get when cooking with butter, but without the burnt fat in the pan.  And we all know that eating food cooked in burnt fat is not very good for us!

Get inspired by Jasmine Helmsley

Whether you’re the next Michelin starred chef, or more of a keep-it-simple kind of cook, GHEE EASY is straightforward  to use and suitable for all cooking occasions.

Making a quick stir-fry after a busy day in work? Cooking a well-deserved Friday night steak?  Or simply frying an egg on a lazy Sunday morning, GHEE EASY is the perfect butter or oil substitute.

Why not take inspiration from wellness guru, bestselling author and TV presenter, Jasmine Helmsley and her new cookbook, ‘East by West.’  Co-founder of Helmsley + Helmsley, Jasmine’s new book, inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy, includes ghee in most of the recipes.

Additional benefits of GHEE EASY

Not only is GHEE EASY natural, organic and safe to use, it’s also:

  • Lactose free
  • Suitable for those following a paleo diet
  • Certified organic
  • Sourced from grass-fed raised cows


But what do the experts think?

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns comments: “Ghee is a great product to cook with.  It is primarily a saturated fat and has a high smoke point, making it stable at high temperatures.  In contrast, fats in vegetable oils can become damaged at high temperatures, such as when frying or roasting, making them harmful for our health.

“Ghee also has a key advantage over butter.  As it’s ‘clarified,’ it’s almost entirely free of lactose and casein, two substances in dairy that can be a problem for those with dairy sensitivities.  Ghee also tastes great and lends an amazing flavour to almost everything that’s cooked in it.”

GHEE EASY is available from nationwide Sainsbury’s stores, RRP: £6.00 for a 245g jar.

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