High Visibility Clothing.

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It was my intention after my daily stressful drive through London, contending with cyclist that have no clue its pitch black outside, to search for and write about fashionable high visibility clothing.

Okay so now I appreciate there is nothing that is actually cool enough to warrant being called fashionable when talking about high viability clothing- but I was left baffled that you can buy a high viability vest for £2. The reason I am baffled is how in the world does every cyclist not have this item on them when riding home at night when it cost less than a sandwich.

£2 Must Have

£2 Must Have

I would not drive without my lights on and in fact its illegal to do so, yet hundreds of London cyclist take to the streets in lycra and cameras fixed to their heads, almost trying to prove that everything is not their fault, yet they can’t spend £2 on a high viability vest.

As I was driving through Camden there where police blocking the road, and my traffic report on the radio cut in to inform me that yet another cyclist incident had happened.

Yesterday the sixth cyclist died on London’s roads in less than two weeks after a crash with a lorry.

A total of 14 cyclists have died on the capital’s roads so far this year.

These accidents are terrifying and hugely sad for all involved, but it is evident that something needs to be done and for once people need to look to the cyclist to buck up their ideas.

Your are not superman on a bike and if cars can’t see you, there is a chance you will get hit. So we have taken to the shops to see what the options are to brighten up your ride home.

Halfords have a great selection of high visibility clothing that yes isn’t the most fashionable in the world but it certainly was not that bad.

The aforementioned vest for £2 gets my vote they have bright hats at £4.99

Think Bright


Reflective bag covers for £6.99

Bag Covers

So there is no ground breaking information in this but I really hope that at least one person will read this and realise that for £2 you can make a massive difference to being able to be seen on the roads.




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