‘Holiday Blues’ affect over half of all Brits

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The return back to school for most children during the first week of September officially marks the end of summer. And momondo.co.uk understands the end of a holiday can often lead to feeling glum.

A recent survey* of 1,000 Brits carried out by the travel site found over half of all questioned experienced ’the holiday blues’, when returning from their travels.

In fact, more women admitted to feeling down than men, with 61% of women and 51% of men feeling sad, in low spirits or depressed, after returning from a holiday.

And momondo saw a difference between the generations.

While 58% of 18-22 year olds, 57% of 23-35 year olds and 58% of 36-55 year olds felt depressed returning from a holiday, a lower percentage of 56-65 year olds – at 47%, experienced these feelings.

Happy holidays.

Conversely 62% of Brits admitted to feeling happier and more positive when taking time off to travel.

Additionally, momondo found that for 30% of Brits, a holiday has a positive effect on their relationship with their partner. And 20% of Brits stated a holiday has a positive effect on their children.

Though it seems happiness on holiday is dependent for many on their travel companions. For 22% of those surveyed by momondo, their people they are travelling with must be happy, for them to have a good holiday themselves.

Beat the blues by booking the next…

momondo found the return to everyday life after a holiday was often made easier for Brits, by fantasising about the next trip.

Interestingly, 26% of women and 21% of men dream about being back on holiday after a trip.

And 28% of women and 20% of men beat the holiday blues by dreaming about the next holiday they would like to take, according to momondo’s survey.

Spokesperson at momondo, Lasse Skole Hansen, states: “It’s clear being on holiday is a great source of happiness for most people. The annual summer holiday is often the last luxury to be spared if needs must, due to the positive effect it creates. Far away from regular routines, holiday-makers experience new things, feeling generally happier on the whole. So in reverse, a return to the daily grind can have the opposite effect on morale!

“We would always recommend the best way of conquering the holiday blues is to start planning the next trip! In fact, our stats show that 24% – so nearly a quarter of men and women questioned – try to beat their holiday blues, by dreaming about the next holiday they would like to take on their return.

If Brits are looking for an autumn getaway, they do need to book now however, as tickets are generally cheapest 53 days in advance, according to our survey of 7.5 billion fares on momondo’s most searched routes.”

Airplane in sky.

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