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By Lauren Naylor

FrezyDerm Baby Bath, £10.50, Chemist Direct

You’ll be forgiven the name is something to do with Criotherapy or something extremely cold – but it isn’t. I’m quite intrigued of the origin of the brand name Frezyderm, but nonetheless their products are outstanding – especially for baby.

We’ve been trialling the baby bath for just over a month now, it comes with a useful dispenser pump (so my four year old can’t decanter the entire lot into the bath) plus it has inoffensive branding and I quite like the sheep giving himself a scrub on the packaging!

The ingredients consist of mild surfactants: chamomile, wheat proteins and salmon esters – so they’re kind enough for every day baths and cleansing of the often sensitive bottom area.

The almond esters ensure the skin’s barrier is left intact and at a neutral PH, while soothing chamomile extract offers anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory protection, So in a nut shell it’s great for very sensitive skin.  T

he baby bath also has wheat proteins which have emollient and moisturising properties and protect the outer layer of the skin – especially important at moisture-zapping winter time.

Laura 3D Effect Mascara, £2.49, ALDI nationwide

Let’s get over our supermarket snobbery and just take a long hard look at the offering of ALDI 3D mascara. Already this mascara has sold out online and you’ll be hard pressed to hunt one down in store – but DO try!

First things first, there’s no fancy, frilly packaging – the brush is thick and conical, in fact thick that’s an euphemism – it’s huge, and that’s a good thing!

The thicker the brush the more room to coat the lashes with product.

Personally I find many of the small ones are better for lower lashes and I often end up poking my eye where I’m desperately trying to coat all of the lash – as with mascaras, it’s subjective so if you’re not a fan of a chubby brush, feel free to ignore!

Finally the soft and creamy texture of the product coats all the lashes without clumping and adds curve and fullness – all under three pounds too.

Radox Feel Vibrant Shower Mousse, £2.50, Tesco nationwide

Radox have been creating incredible fragrances since 1908, remember that deep green bubble bath? Or the soothing bath crystals that lift the spirits and help with sinus problems, of course you do!

Fragrance has the power to lift you when you feel down, and as a single mum of one there are a lot of foggy days. With something as simple as a mood boosting scent it’s a no brainer to indulge in the morning before facing the day (if of course a shower is on the menu!)

Radox’s recent offering is designed to help get consumers in the mood to face the day – and with this is mind may I introduce you to the very autumnal fragrance of blood orange and ginger in the form of a ultra soft and nourishing shower mousse.

The invigorating scent helps recharge the body, and warming ginger is always comforting whether in a  smoothie, coffee or shower gel variety – bonus is, it doubles up as shaving foam, which of course if you do bother shaving your legs – will be much appreciated.


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