How much do you post by the pool?

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Travel site this week considers how we choose to use social media on holiday. From a survey of 1000* Brits this year, momondo found over a third post photos on social media, andone in five write updates regularly while away.

Interestingly the number of Brits who avoid social media has dropped by 10% year on year – that’s 23% of Brits in 2017, compared to 33% of Brits in 2016 – suggesting it’s more popular than ever to keep engaged with friends and family online while travelling.


Do you post updates on social media when you are on holiday (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)? Feel free to select more than one answer:
Yes, I upload photos from my holiday37%                     35%           
Yes, I write updates from my holiday19%                 


Yes, I upload videos from my holiday13%   9%                   
No39%           37%                 
I generally don’t use social media12%                 15%                 
Don’t know 2%               1%                


Do you avoid social media to relax completely when you’re on holiday?


Yes I do                                  12%             15%                 


Neil James Cartwright, spokesperson at states: “Many Brits have heard the horror stories of giant phone bills accrued whilst on holiday – usually as a result of accidentally leaving data roaming switched on. However, now that being constantly connected is more commonplace, we have become more savvy with our usage when overseas. A combination of cheaper mobile plans, the lowered cost of data roaming, and the utilisation of free WiFi in hotels and coffee shops has resulted in an increase of Brits confidence of logging onto their social media accounts when away on holiday.

Holidays are the time for new experiences, away from everyday life – so memories of them are so often stored via camera phone. These memories are happily shared with friends and family after the holidays – as over a third of Brits questioned stated they regularly did. These figures show that sharing fun times from travel play a large role in friendships and family relationships,” Cartwright concludes.


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