In a world of uncertainty sometimes all you need is a little piece of luxury.

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2020 the year my son was born. The 21st of February came around so quickly I could hardly even believe the reality of walking over to the hospital in darkness at 5am.

I wasn’t prepared like I knew other mums would be, I had been working which involves travelling and that entails just surviving when pregnant.

Living in a different country was also a big old reality check, when it came to purchasing items for the baby, nothing was the same or what I knew, and without a rational none pregnant brain it was all becoming increasingly hard.

Some items, have become the items that I will never leave the house without and that I am so grateful for, and of course some items have ended up still in the box.

Our Hangai Mountain Textiles Yak blanket, is the item I will never leave home without. It’s the small things that make a difference and this really does. LA has cold mornings and it is perfect for the pram for the early dark morning walks when he won’t stop crying, or for the beach visit where the sun is out but the wind is high, or the night times where he needs something that he knows is his.

I am a minimal mum not taking too much wherever we go, it’s the traveler in me knowing to much, means to heavy to carry. It is just simply amazing to have one blanket that does it all.

Yaks originated in the high Tibetan plateau, and were first brought to Mongolia by Buddhist monks who used them for transport on their pilgrimages. Mongolian yak down is a rare and unique natural fiber. Yaks weigh more than a thousand kilos and put on thick coats to protect against minus 40C winter temperatures, but every year less than 500 grams of ultra high-quality down is groomed from each animal. Our yak yarn is spun from fine down and is warmer than merino wool, breathable and naturally water resistant. Only pure, undyed and unbleached yak down is used to knit and weave the baby blankets.

I feel guilty everyday that we have brought him into such a crazy world, but it’s the simple things that make a baby feel safe.