It’s A Bag Off

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Mulberry has kept me going for many years with their constant changing styles good quality leather, and wonderful bags. In my eyes they fell from fashion grace when they named a bags after celebrities. But I still stuck with them proudly carrying my bags where ever I went.

But now It seems their bags have had their day and it is definitely time to look for something else to fall in love with. Every Fashionista up and down the UK goes to work clutching their Mulberry, old and new, fake and real, and their not special anymore, also bags that were once £400 have now reached the extreme heights of £900 to a £1000.

I have never even thought of this as a reason for not buying Mulberry bags as I had such admiration for them, but I have had to return two bags due to them braking within months of purchase.

Marc Jacobs is the logical place to turn but the price tag is already for those with deep pockets, and the styles are not quite there. The colours are right but the styles are classic and haven’t really changed in the last few years. However they are defiantly a designer to watch as I think they may start to fill the void as people move away from their Mulberry.

So where to turn next? I have scoured the internet and shops for months and there is not much to get excited about, but I have found a little label that could possibly win the hearts of handbag lovers.

The Cambridge Satchel Company has a bag called The Batchel it’s a bold step into the handbag battle ground and I think they may fight their way to the top. The price is right at £93 the style is perfect for this summer’s fashion, and every other person isn’t carrying the same bag.

Other bags in their range are a re-working of the same style, so it will be interesting if they have anything more in the pipe lines.

The endearing thing about the Cambridge Satchel Company is that it is simply a mother and daughter combination, Julie Deane and Freda Thomas who set the company up in 2008 selling three bags a week, their production has excelled any business owner’s dreams and they now sell 1,500 per week.

“I honestly thought my market would be schoolchildren,” says Deane, who started the company to pay her daughter’s school fees. “She was being bullied. I’m very logical, and worked out the top 10 jobs I could do that would allow me time to still be a mum and would enable me to have my dog with me”.

Their starting eliminates seem similar to Mulberry “British made,” and I wonder what the future will hold for them, their turn over started at £26,000 and is nearer 10 million now.

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