It’s Wedding Time

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The Perfect Wedding Outfit

The Perfect Wedding Outfit

Wedding season is nearly upon us and I know that it is almost impossible to find the perfect dress at an affordable price.

There are some key and important rules to follow when dressing for a wedding:

  • Black is a definite no.
  • It is also important to try and stay away from white, but if you know the wedding is going to be in a hot climate a cream is acceptable.
  • Black shoes are also a key item to stay away from, they will rarely go with the summer colours and they can often look a little trashy.
  • If you are thinking of buying one pair of shoes for a multitude of weddings go with a pastel or a nude.
  • Soft natural make up is a must, you will be at a day time event and to much make up never works. If you absolutely love your red lipstick, then just do lips and keep the eyes natural.
  • A shawl is a great idea to pack in your bag, when the wind picks up and the sun goes down, you can use it for warmth and still keep an element of glamour.
  • Maxi dresses are our friends, you can cover a multitude of sins, look glamorous and feel comfortable- and even hide the fact that you might be wearing flat shoes.


Nude shoes

When dressing for a wedding think more along the lines of ‘Kate Middleton’ rather than ‘My Big Fat Gipsy Wedding’ remember there will be parents and Grand parents attending, and as much as you might be on a man hunt revealing all just is not appropriate.

Low cut tops and short dress just look like your on a night out rather than a day event, dress down rather than up, keeping thinking ‘Kate Middleton’ you will be fine. Stay with classic over making a statement.

Think Kate Middleton

Try and stay away from prints and patterns as you will be photographed and big flower prints or vibrant prints can make a picture with the bride look particularly bad.

Weddings are normally out door events there is a 99% chance you will have to walk on grass or gravel- so think about the shoes that you are going to wearing and 6inch heels rarely look good anyway and on uneven surfaces can just look tragic.

Make Sure You have The Right Heels

Make Sure You have The Right Heels

My Wedding Choice

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