Know What Your Rubbing On Your Face

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The Body Shop Does It Best

The Body Shop Does It Best

Having a good make up brush can make all the difference to how you end up applying your foundation, eye shadow, bronzer and blusher. There are imperative to have in a make up bag.

The worrying thing for me is that many are made from animal hair and over time can cause allergic reactions to your skin.

Bare minerals make up brushes for example are made of Goats hair.

Not Really For Your Face

Not Really For Your Face

I have spent years trying to get the effect of an animal hair brush without actually using animal hair, and thank goodness for Body shop. Their brushes are simply the best on the market in my opinion and the fantastic thing is they are affordable- One brush from Mac can cost as mush as £32 and you are never entirely sure what the exact ingredients of the brush is.

The ‘Body Shop’ website has the whole range of brushes and the most expensive of which is a mear £16, if you in the market for new brushes I seriously recommend them.


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