Little Ethique

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Shopping for items for a new little one can be daunting but with brands like Ethique  you can at least grantee you are in safe hands.

Creating a range of products that is not only environmentally friend but perfect to keep your little ones out of harms way from chemicals.

The new solid baby range includes 5 products from tip-to-toe washing to a snoozy massage balm – perfect for giving your baby the TLC they deserve!

Ethique are on a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles and are the only company in the world devoted solely to producing handmade solid bars in place of liquid products. All Ethique’s products are plastic free, vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free and made from sustainable and ethical ingredients.

Baby bott balm is Just like magic, this goes on like a balm then dries quickly to a powder – no need for a separate powder product.

This bar helps reduce sore skin with tried and tested ingredients, zinc oxide and shea butter.

Massage the bar between your dry, clean hands until you have a little of the balm on your hands.  Apply a thin layer all over your baby’s bottom (or anywhere else prone to soreness). Wait for a few moments for the balm to dry before putting on a new nappy. 

And the best bit is this bar is equivalent to two 100ml bottles of liquid product. We highly recommend at Fashion Forensics.