Magic In A Stick

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If you could wave a magic wand on your skin and make blemishes disappear, you would
Invisible Zinc IZ Environmental Repair Serum is truly fantastic. Designed like a roller ball pen with a pump action on the top and a cool metal roller to help evenly distribute the serum, it is designed to “repair your skin from the daily UV radiation and environmental pollutants”.
Although there is no mention of working on blemishes such as spots, it works wonders. With the ingredients of “green tea extract, calendula, rosehip oil and aloe vera” the raw redness of a blemish is reduced in a matter of hours and eventually the blemish will diminish completely almost like magic. It also works wonders on dark circles and is great defence against sun damage, particularly if you have sun burn its soothes and repairs over night
Endorsed by Elle Macpherson “I love Invisible Zinc’s natural protection layer and have been a fan for a long time”.
Invisible Zinc looks to have a bright feature, however it is very difficult to get hold of and you have to really search the internet to find it.
Selfridges is the only store in the UK where you can get your hands on the range, however and  are a couple of the places that you can purchase the Repair Serum online, but it does come with a fairly hefty price tag retailing at around £23, which possibly would be more reasonable if it lasted more than a few weeks.
It is hard to justify the price tag given length of time that it lasts, but it really truly is a fantastic little find and it works! Anyone that has ever suffered from spots will know that a product this good is worth its wait in gold.
A handy tip is to keep the roller pen upright and not in your handbag, it seems to last longer! It would be a lot better if the Repair Serum came in a squeezable tube but for now this should help!
The rest of the product range seems interesting and includes several sunscreen options all ranging at around SPF30 which have won beauty awards, and an interesting selection of make up which includes foundations, tinted moisturiser and lip and cheek balms.
Several make up artists have started using the tinted moisturiser; Pauline Cameron make up artist to the stars recommends the tinted moisturiser “it gives a simple fresh face look and is great to replace your everyday moisturiser”.
It seems the range is not quite complete they do have a cleanser which looked interesting but on investigation contains alcohol which was quite disappointing and not beneficial to people with sensitive skin, however they have never proclaimed to be an entirely natural range and if the rest of the products are anything like the repair serum then they would defiantly be worth a try.