Make Up Without The Markup

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By Lauren Naylor

Make up without the markup

So we may be a little late to the party, but we HAD to get on the beauty pie vibe.

For a long time the Beauty Industry has focused on luxury beauty products, high-end designer brands and pretty ‘purse candy’, which doesn’t always necessarily mean they do the job well, but may simply look good on the dressing table.

So it’s refreshing to see a brand who don’t just consider what’s good for the bank balance, but really take into consideration how it performs on the face.

The idea behind Beauty Pie, is the consumer will be allowed to buy their products at totally transparent factory cost from some of the world’s best beauty manufacturers.

It’s a first.

With the feel of the ultimate luxury ‘buyers club’ for beauty aficionados, it’s a brilliant concept.

The brains behind the scheme is the lady who launched Fit Flops, Soap & Glory and Bliss Spa – Marcia Kilgore.

She is potentially changing the face of beauty with her new venture, hoping to forever get rid of extortionate price hikes on products and delivering quality at cost price.

Beauty Pie believes that we have a big problem with ‘over packaging’ and that this is as concerning to us, as it is them. There’s no fancy packaging, metal cladding or clunky, rigid jars – they’re eschewing all the unnecessary packing to give us the bare bones of beauty.

First things first. 

There’s a monthly charge of £10 to be part of this club. Ok, we can stomach that.

Make up without the markup

I purchased the yearly membership which gave me a first months beauty allowance of £150, (usually £100) so you can  imagine my excitement as I whacked everything into my trolley.

One of my first gripes is, (and maybe it’s just me who didn’t realise) is that I thought the £150 meant the total of all the cost price products.

But it’s the ORIGINAL price, I.e if you’re not a member – so it’s all based on the NON-member value.

For instance, my One Powder Wonder would be £3.68 after the £10 monthly fee, but before, as a non-member would have been £26.

So, as a yearly member the first month I have an allowance of £150. I could get five products at around the non-members price of  £25-30, and only pay just under £20 for those five products.

Still with me?

‘Luxury Lipstick for Less than a latte’

(ironically as I’m sat here drinking one).

So here’s where it gets tricky…

As you can see above, on top of my £10, I received shipping at £6.06, plus a payment processor.

So here’s the breakdown:

There is a £2.99 standard delivery charge, £1.81 order handling, then £0.42 per item handling charge – £6.06 total (refer to above).

Then a cheeky £0.58 payment processor slipped in.

After the extra charges, If my maths serve me right (and only working on what I purchased) I then fairly divided the extra costs into three:

My one powder wonder now comes in at £5.89, my brushes at £19.34, and it’s £7.67 for my pro-glow highlighter.

But we still haven’t taken in to consideration my £10 monthly fee…

Because of the allowance I only managed to get the three items; one of those being a large item of £80 brushes.

So the grand total with my £10 fee is: £9.22 for my one powder wonder, my brushes come in at £22.67, and the illuminator comes in at £11.

It’s still not bad.

You must also consider that the membership will only be beneficial if you want to order Beauty Pie products every single month, or your £10 monthly fee won’t be worth it.

Some months you may get more items, it’s just I opted for the collection of brushes which would normally be £80 full price, so that ate a chunk of my one-off £150 allowance.

I still don’t think it’s bad, it’s just not as great as we’re first lead to believe.

So, the real test is, just how good are they…?

One Wonder Powder

The Low-down:

It’s a micro-fine, uber-light, pretty-much invisible, naked-finish, shine-evening, flaw-blurring, radiance boosting one-powder wonder. It instantly blends makeup, disguises fine lines, hides large pores, protects against dehydration, boosts luminosity and, being ultra fine, never ever cakes (no matter how many times you apply it). Probably the best skin-boosting powder ever.

Probably the best skin-boosting powder ever is a huge claim in itself.

It’s very finely milled which is great for HD and fine lines, as its avoids caking that area. In fact, it doesn’t cake at all. I am impressed with this product but I wouldn’t say it made my skin look flawless, as flawless needs coverage.


Six Luxury Pro Basics Make up Brush Set 

The Low-down

Six makeup-artist-approved brushes for colour & contouring

Made from cruelty-free, special super-soft synthetic fibres

Complete with portable travel pouch

Includes foundation, face powder, cheek contour, eyeshadow, crease, and brow definition/eyeliner brushes

There’s no denying, the quality of these brushes is high.

They’re super soft as described, sturdy, simply and cleanly designed, and come with a neat pouch in case you’re using these for yourself, rather than clients. They have shorter handles and bristles so are great for travelling.

Pro Glow Highlighter

The Claims:

Instant glow that won’t fade for up to 12 hours

Applies smoothly and evenly

Blendable and buildable coverage

Formulated without parabens

Formulated without D5

Formulated without talc

Formulated without fragrance

I tested this on a bride today, the product doesn’t seem to lift massively when you dip into it, as in, it’s not all crumbly and a little goes a long way.

But it’s very metallic and frosty.

It’ll work well on Caucasian skins, but it’s far too silvery for any other skin tones. It’s definitely build-able and you can really see it shimmering in the natural light.

Let me just add, I also received handbag sized makeup bag of four items.

I was surprised at how good they were (a selection of their favourites encased in a makeup bag; nude lipstick, cream highlighter, eyeliner and mascara).

So the verdict is: ‘We do think this is an addictive service, it’s definitely worth joining to be part of an exclusive beauty club.

Beauty Pie will continue to create more and more innovative formulas & it’s ideal for beauty junkies looking for quality at factory manufacturing prices.’




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