My Jean Secret

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The J Brand Wild Side

The J Brand Wild Side

Why is it so difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans, they are usually just that little bit, to short, to long, to wide or to thin.

They seem to be most difficult item to buy, but if you ever find THAT pair of jeans, you will live and breathe every moment in them until they fall apart.

I have been wearing a brand of jeans for years and years and I think its time to let you into my secret. ‘JBrand’

The Classic

They are a fantastic Jean brand, and each pair just seems to fit perfectly  and they cater for all different shapes and sizes. Offering low waist for the super skinny, high waist for the vivacious lady- skinny for the super cool and flares for the 70′s girl- there is a style for everyone.

Prices range from £120 upwards, and sometimes can reach a hefty price, but I believe they are worth every penny.

Always with the cutting edge of designs and colours, they are worth investigating and at very least trying, because the most amazing thing about these jeans is that they are beautifully comfortable. Perhaps more so than other brands because of the ration of cotton to elastane that they use.

There Is Always More

If you want to get a super bargain buy in dollars, the exchange rate always severs quite well on these, but don’t forget import tax maybe added on.

Singer22 is a good website to check out or Revolve Clothing