My Tea Obsession

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If you know me, you know I live by Green tea, I travel with it in my suitcase and take it everywhere I go.

It’s one of the few things I consume that I take time and care over, the rest of the time its crisp and fizz drinks for me.

The Tea Leaf Company is my new love, the tea comes in easy to travel tins and the taste and flavours are just perfect.

So why ‘The Tea Leaf Company’?  Well, the history of tea is a colourful one.  It’s a tale of royals and rogues, heroes and villains – daredevils who risked life and limb in their quest to bring the people a better brew.  The name is a nod to their invention, resilience and downright craftiness. Like John Fortune, who played a fair bit of hide and seek in his time. Disguised as a local, he entered China seeking precious tea seeds and closely-guarded cultivation methods. Hiding them in many ingenious ways he smuggled them out of the country and introduced tea growing to India. So here’s to you John – you sneaky rascal.

Most would agree there’s nothing more British than the humble cuppa – but thanks to England’s 19th century taxation laws, there was once a time when our national drink was off-limits to all but the filthy rich. Fuelled by a sense of injustice (and spying an opportunity to make a few quid), a bunch of rogues and ne’er-do-wells took it upon themselves to liberate the mighty tea leaf from the taxman’s grasp. By hook or by crook (but mostly by crook) they made it their mission to share its wondrous properties with the masses. And so, a national obsession was born.


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