Oscars 2013

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The 85th annual Oscars has come and gone with the whose who of Hollywood taking to the red carpet to wow the crowds, unfortunately its seems the familiar pattern of disappointing red carpet fashion has continued for 2013.

Nicole Kidman Looking Incredible

As predicted Nicole Kidman looked stunning in her black and gold L’wren Scott number, simple and elegant she never fails to look perfect. Sandra Bullock also dazzled in her gown and was one of the few who got it right, it seems others could have benefited from their years of experience.

Sandra Bullock Dazzled

Helen Hunt showed that it is easy to get it right with her H&M gown- and she just proved that it’s better to go with something that suits your style rather than cost a fortune.

Helen Hunt in H&M

I have never been a fan of Prada but luckily Anne Hathaway still looked fabulous in her pale pink gown , but I’m sure there is better out there and it was more to do with her perfect elegance rather than the average Prada dress.

Still looking Perfect In the Plain Prada

Unfortunately the same can not be said for many and it seems such a shame that with so many exciting designers in the world so many celebrities just simply got it wrong. I absolutely loved Sally Field at the BAFTS but this mass of red just drowned her and the lace/chiffon arms just completely pulled the dress out of shape.

The Wonderful Sally field Just Not Getting It Right

Heidi Klum is one of the few women in the world that could have got away with her Julien Macdonald gown.

Luckily for Heidi She Can Wear Anything

Unfortunately the faux pars just keep on coming; Reese Witherspoon looked more like she was going to the prom, in her blue gown. Talking of going to the prom Jennifer Aniston looked set to join her. Again the dress was inoffensive and some may say a classic but I am sure there is better out there and it just didn’t do her any justice. Amy Adams and Charlize Theron both looked beautiful and radiant but perhaps thought they where off to a wedding rather than the Oscars.