Part 1 Of Your Festival Clothing Guide

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Festivals season is almost in full swing and it’s that time again to decide what to wear and where to go. If you have seen the pictures coming out of Coachella festival, you may be panicking as to what to wear.

Firstly have no fear Coachella is a very extreme version of a festival where fashion is key and people even wear heels- it is definitely not a representation of the UK festival experience.

For us the weather is always a massive factor, the first thing to consider is that it will never ever be warm at night and you will need a proper jacket otherwise your night time will be miserable.

Keeping Warm Under The Night Sky

The jacket you pick would benefit from being waterproof, as we all know what to expect from the great British weather.  I generally opt for a faux fur jacket from the previous winter and/or my 25-year-old Barbour as my all weather coat; here is a selection of jackets that are out there, to give you an idea of what to pack.

Through out the week ill keep the festival tips coming.

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