HydraFig – 50mL


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Cactus Oil

A powerful, skin fortifying anti-wrinkle cream

Non-greasy, quickly and deeply absorbed by the skin

Apply to face and neck on cleansed, toned skin


Despite its rough appearance, the Barbary fig oil has numerous health benefits. To obtain this rare and precious liquid, the Barbary seeds are cold pressed

This is not a bountiful extraction process; therefore this fruit is in high demand in the cosmetic industry.

Approximately one ton of figs is required to extract one litter of oil.

Berber women have utilized Barbary fig oil for centuries, to protect and heal their skin from the desert’s burning winds.

It is appropriate for all skin types, and is mostly recommended for dry skin

Its rich Vitamin E concentration and sterols allows this oil to protect skin against free radicals in an exceptional manner.

The essential fatty acids in Barbary fig seed oil help soften and repair skin

Its thin texture allows the oil to easily penetrate the skin, while leaving it with a silky smooth feel


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