Reinvent Me

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‘Reinvent Me’ is a fabulous read by an even more fabulous women Camilla Dallerup, she really is the real deal.

Back in June or July I was invited to Camilla’s book launch, having been through an awful lot of ‘shit’ for want of a better word, I figured it would be an interesting event to attend. Meeting Camilla for the first time she was so at peace with herself, it was inspiring.

We mediated together and spoke about the future, and I left with her book grasped in my head ready to learn. Well with everything in life it took its time and I have only just sat down to read. The book is not patronising or as you would expect. It is as Camilla is- inspiring and a delight. I would suggest no matter where you are in life, grabbing a copy. It is always interesting to learn a little more about yourself and life and how to shape your future.

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