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The transition from woolly jumpers to floral print and light knits can only mark the start of the spring season. Now that the bitter cold weather can be put behind us, it’s time to refresh our skin care routine as we step into spring.

The sight of clear blue skies and warmer temperatures means that there’s never been a better time to start getting your complexion ready for the warmer months that lie ahead.

Re-Gen, a specialist treatment that effectively combats skin imperfections such as scars, stretch marks, uneven tone, blemishes and dry skin, is here to provide an extra helping hand in restoring your skin to a healthy glow.

All products in the Re-Gen range contain the active, regenerative ingredient PCL Liquid™, which protects the skin from drying out and improves its natural elasticity.

The Re-Gen range includes a restorative face and body oil, an anti-ageing facial serum, a hydrating face and body cream and a convenient continuous spray, which is created from the same clinically approved formula as the popular Re-Gen Oil.

The Re-Gen Oil 75ml is available to buy from retailers such as Primark (selected stores), Asda, Bodycare, Semichem, TJ Hughes, Amazon and the official Re-Gen website, with prices starting at £4.

Re-Gen full product range – March 2019:

  1. Re-Gen Oil Continuous Spray 150ml – £5.99 on Amazon
  2. Re-Gen Oil 75ml – £4 at Primark – Other stockists Asda, Bodycare, Semichem, TJ Hughes and Amazon
  3. Re-Gen Oil 125ml – £3.75 at Trago Mills – Other stockists TJ Hughes and Amazon
  4. Re-Gen Cream 125ml – £3.75 at Trago Mills – Other stockists TJ Hughes and Amazon
  5. Re-Gen Serum 50ml – £8.80 at Asda – Other stockists TJ Hughes and Amazon