School is calling!

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–  Fulton’s funbrellas add a playful edge to the first day back at school 

 As summer draws to a close, and the new school year approaches ensure you little ones are prepared for the unpredictable British weather with a ‘funbrella’ from Royal Warranted Fulton Umbrellas.

Designed specifically for kids, Fulton’s ‘funbrella’ uses patented safety technology to ensure that small hands are protected when opening and closing the umbrella. Mirroring Fulton’s classic Birdcage style, the ‘funbrella’ provides full coverage over small heads and shoulders and the clear dome canopy allows superior visibility for a safer trip to school. So whether its florals, soldiers, trucks or a classic colour band, the Funbrella has your child covered this school year.

Founded in 1956 by Arnold Fulton, Fulton Umbrellas is renowned for being the leading umbrella manufacturer in the UK. Since been given their Royal Warrant from the Queen Mother in 1993, Fulton Umbrellas have been supplying The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family with their trustworthy umbrellas in not so trustworthy British weather!