SYCAMAW To Take London By Storm

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Can you tell us where the company name Sycamaw came from?

The name SYCAMAW was an alternative spelling from the original SYCAMORE (the tree) I have always liked the sycamore tree because of its significance and what it stands for (Strength). A woman of strength is Elegant, Graceful and exhibits confidence.  I originally wanted to go for Sycamore Clothing, but because a lot of businesses had already used the name sycamore, I decided to change the spelling to make it more original especially in relation to fashion.

Tell us a little about the company?

About 7 years ago, we owned a bespoke company that catered to making one off clothing for women. I was consulted by clients who wanted a unique garment to wear to an occasion or even a bride that wants gowns for her bridesmaids. We worked with each client from the consulting stages to designing, fabric sourcing, fitting and restructuring.  The process would usually go on until the client was happy. This was a very demanding process for us and so 3years ago due to high demands and running risk of slow production, we decided to take our last orders and come up with a better plan.

When we started to think of a new concept, that still involved us heavily in the initial planning, designing and fabric sourcing, we  listed out a few things that we knew that we wanted to achieve.

  1. Keep the exclusivity for our customers
  2. Original designs (drawings and patterns)
  3. Good grade of fabric and Block colour concept (no prints)
  4. Most importantly an ethical environment for the clothes to be manufactured in.

The Sycamaw model is quite intresting because each design comes in a few quantities (maximum of 7) in each size and not more than 33 in each style. What this means is that only 33 people in the world can own that style. We have decided that we won’t re-order when we run out so that our customers can be rest assured that the chances of bumping into someone that owns the same garment as  them, is a 1:33 chance or 1:12 in some cases.

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Tell us about the two of you Misan & Ade ?

We have been married for 8years, and have two children a 7yr old girl and 5yr old boy. Ade is a HR Professional, when he is not helping me out with the business logistics of Sycamaw. He studied Business and Human Resources Management at university and then went on to do a Masters in Human Resources with a CIPD qualification. I on the other hand started off as a Product Design Engineer, but when Ade proposed to me many years ago, I decided to convert my degree by doing a PGCE in Design Technology and started to teach design in a secondary school. I have since gone ahead to do a Masters in Educational Leadership. We’ve always wanted to leave some sort of inheritance that our children could pass on for generations to come, and I think this is where the passion for sycamaw is key.

Why do your clothes stand out from the crowd?

Sycamaw garments stand out from the crowd, because the colours of the fabric are uniquely blended either to compliment or harmonise each other. For all of the garments, the colours pop and the styles have been described as Simple, Clean and Elegant.

What fabrics do you use and where do you manufacture?

Our fabrics are mostly 100% cotton for structured garments and Polysatin for garments that require a flow to it. All of our fabric are bought in the beautiful town of Plovdiv in Bulgaria and the garments are also manufactured in a sewing house with no more that 7 tailors. Obviously this means that the cost of production for our garments are higher than high street stores. But because our focus is quality not quantity, we have decided that this is the best approach for Sycamaw.

What’s the future for the Brand?

The future for Sycamaw is quite an interesting one.  We are looking into accessories and apparels and possibly a bridesmaid section. In the meantime, we are working on our AW collection, and we are looking to put colour back into the grey winter months.

Would you like to show at LFW next year either at Somerset house of Fashion Scout?

We would love to show at LFW next year at Somerset house. The reason for not taking part in LFW this year is because it was very close between the launch (01/01.15) and LFW.

Which other designers have inspired you?

A list of designers have inspired me, but the one that stands out the most is Karen Millen because they have been able to set up a brand with very little, and have been diligent over the years to establish what we now know as Karen Millen.

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Which shows did you most enjoy at at LFW?

House of /holland (I love their use of colour) and Victoria Beckham because the structure of her garments are amazing.

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