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Tata Naka AW14

Tata Naka AW14


Tata Naka’s inspiration for the AW14 collection comes from the highly decorative world of interior design and the concept of home which resonates with the Tata Naka aesthetic of prints, appliqué and conceptual shapes. Drawing from research of existing interior design as well as artistic representations of home and furnishings, particularly from the paintings of Matisse, the designers have created a line of prints derived from Persian rugs, Aubusson carpets, hand-painted wall papers, ceramic tiles and porcelain china.


This season features a range of fabrics such as georgette, silk crepe de chine along with a luxurious wool crepe to anchor the designs. Tata Naka have introduced bonded silk neoprene – both plain and textured to create a modern silhouette.

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