Tata Naka’s SS15

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Tata Naka’s SS15

Tata Naka’s SS15

Tata Naka’s inspiration for the SS15 collection comes from the clean lines and deceptive simplicity of modern architecture. Following on from the interior design concept of their previous collection the designers have turned their regard to the structure that surrounds. This idea resonates with the Tata Naka aesthetic of prints, appliqué and conceptual shapes. Drawing from research of existing architecture as well as artistic representations of buildings by luminaries such as Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid the designers have created a collection that celebrates the curve and the linear.

The collection features the designers’ trademark shapes throughout in a combination of richly coloured prints contrasted against stark monochrome. Following architectural examples Tata Naka juxtapose undulating curves against structured linear column dresses to create a harmonious effect, the designers have created vibrant floral prints in a range of unembellished bias cut styles to compliment and add texture and depth to the black and white palette.

This season features a range of fabrics such as georgette, sunray pleating, along with a luxurious cloque rattan to anchor the designs. Tata Naka have continued with bonded silk neoprene to create a modern silhouette. Taking the idea of architecture as a starting point for the collection the designers have modernised the original concept by creating a line of curved dresses punctuated with Fortuny style pleating. Key points to note are the layered shapes, structure softened with volume – a trademark of Tata Naka designs.

Footwear has the unmistakable stamp of Tata Naka; the skater shoe updated as black and white flats with curved edges and elegantly pointed toes.

An inspired collection of textures, colour and luxurious finishing which bring to mind the beauty and simplicity of modern architecture.

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