The CHADO Range

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Combining make up and anti-ageing skin care in one. An exceptional make up range with added plant stem cells for extraordinary anti-ageing all in one skincare and make up. The eyes are the reflection of the soul and your eyebrows frame the face to give balance and harmony to your profile.

The CHADO range was born from a firm conviction that make up should be there to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer and define features to compliment rather than over power. CHADO has created a range of multi-use specialist products and high-lighters all with added stem cell science, designed to define and contour the natural shape of the face and the eye, in flattering tones, to suit any skin type. From grooming accessories and brushes, to subtle highlighter pallets for the face and eyes, to the finishing touches in the most beautiful textures and using only the most superior ingredients. This new make-up and care brand, created in Geneva, Switzerland, perfects the complexion of the skin and offers women a range of dedicated formulas and accessories to master professional make-up at home.

CHADO A Swiss Concept Geneva has a certain spirit, a personality and character, a soft balance and harmony. A beautiful city cradled by the serenity of the Leman Lake, protected by the majestic Alps, and softened by the glorious rich landscapes that surround it. Geneva is also a cosmopolitan city, the heart of Europe. It is here we mix the best luxury, high-technology and bio-technologies. Geneva is the subtle combination of values of authenticity, secular traditions and innovation. These founding values define CHADO’s DNA and as a brand, aim at every woman, and man, who want high-quality, innovative, elegant products to enhance their natural beauty. The Swiss Bio-Technological Process – Using Stem Cell Science CHADO’S key ingredient is derived from an ancient Swiss variety of apple. Almost extinct, the UTTWILER SPATAUBER is known for its exceptional preservation ability. It can age without wrinkles nor loss of taste for months. It contains rare substances and stem cells – PhotoCellTec – whose life cycles are particularly long. These active ingredients increase the vitality and longevity of epidermal stem cells, slowing down ageing.




Prices start from £29 · The Ideal Mascara- Innovative mascara available in black and brown that seperates, defines and curls lases as it coats them one by one. Again, with added stem cell science. · Gel For Eyebrows And Eyelashes- A colourless mascara gel for eyebrows and eyelashes to tame fly-aways for a groomed look. Natural perfection.

Eyebrows & Eyelash Care Products: Prices start from £23.50 A selection of three products created to protect, enhance and nourish both eyelashes and eyebrows.

A Cream, an oil and a duo set to include a mask and serum to maintain them in perfect condition and infused with Stem Cell Science. · Day And Night Care Gel- Night and day care for revitalised eyebrows and lashes · Brow Oil- Nourishing oil for eyebrows- to strengthen, nourish and hydrate ·

Eyebrow And Eyelash Duo- A duo of a mask to purify and absorb all impurities, and a serum to detox and hydrate both eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyebrows: Prices start from £23.50 A selection of 4 cosmetics designed to enhance and define and highlight the perfect eyebrow in pencil, powder and crème formats. · Crayon pour sourcils- A long lasting ultra thin, firm pencil that comes in black, brown and taupe, to define, sculpt and redraw the perfect brow. ·

Illuminating Brow Crayon- a double ended crayon to illuminate and enhance the brow line. Acting as a corrector and lightener. · Eye Powder- 4-in-1 velvety eye powder in black, brown and taupe acts as an eyeliner, an eyebrow powder, eyeshadow and khol. · Eye Pommade- 3-in1 cream that can be used to sculpt and redraw eyebrows, as eyeshadow and eyeliner. Available in black, brown and taupe.

Lips: Prices start from £24.50 Natural and intelligent lip enhancers. · Enhancing Lip Balm- A hydrating balm that reacts with your PH and temperature to enhance colour and reveal fresher fuller lips. · Lip Luminosity- A glossy creamy tender rose lip laquer. Subtle pink and slightly perfumed.

Definition-Intelligent Make Up Removers: Prices start from £31.50 · Gel Remover- A micellar gel make up remover. With a precision tip like no other to correct make up errors and erase perfectly. · Micellar Water- Make up removing micellar water. No rinsing needed. With Stem Cell Science. Complexion: Prices start from £72 · Face Sculpting Palette- A sculpting palette for the face that enables, by highlighting and shadowing, illuminates the complexion and draws attention to features. For both the eyes and the face. Available in a palette for fair to medium and medium to dark.

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