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All You Need

All You Need

It’s funny how you reach a certain age and you’re sure that you know what your style is and then you suddenly realize you’re never to old to learn.

Yesterday my mum said to me “you need more basics” and it was true I am missing vital black trousers from my collection and basic plain tops that work with everything. I know that this is a slight step away from our usually fashion chat, but with out basics creating the style you desire (as I leant) yesterday is a tricky task.

So it got me thinking what are the exact basics that every girl should have, so here are a few of my thoughts.

  1. The perfect pair of blue denim jeans
  2. Black Wet look leggings
  3. Ordinarily black leggings
  4. Black jeans
  5. Black maxi dress
  6. Nude shoes
  7. Wedge shoes
  8. Plain T-shirt style top black/white
  9. Fur (not real) coat
  10.  Leather jacket.
  11.  White long length top to go with leggings
  12. Black long length top to go with leggings
  13. Flat boots brown/black
  14. Maxi dress vibrant colour
  15. Denim shorts
  16. Shirt full length
  17.  LBD
  18. Pencil skirt
  19. Maxi Skirt
  20. Black Handbag (mulberry if you can)

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