The Lip Balm Saga

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This is not something I would normally do or even considered, but after Mac left me totally disappointed I was left with no choice.For around six years I have used Mac’s tinted lip balm and to be totally honest its one of the best products I have ever used. But as with all cosmetics brands, once they have a truly brilliant product- what do they do? They discontinue it and replace it with something completely different and vastly over priced.

The One I Loved

So after trying the new vastly more expensive option from Mac I was left even more disappointed and a little angry.

The More Expensive Option

So my search began for a replacement, the first and most logical place to turn I thought was to Vaseline, it’s tinted and lip balm and has SPF all built in. Exactly what I was looking for. But I hated every inch of it; the consistency is runny, it tastes questionable and is all round pretty disappointing.

So after a few angry tweets to Mac, I took to the internet to find alternative, to my surprise  there really wasn’t much out there, just a few products from US based companies offering what looked to be good alternatives- but the downside was the price most of there were at least £20 once converted and this was all beginning to seem quite a lot of hassle for a lip balm.

I was left with no choice I went simple and cheap and picked up a Nivea balm for £1.50, but it just wasn’t enough.

Finally a revelation came, I read and re read a post i had stumbled upon  which simply said, “If you want a great tinted lip balm just melt your lipstick and balm together”. It seemed so simple, how could this possible work?

After a few more frustrating days of  trying to replace my beloved lip balm the anger took over and I started chopping up my newly brought Nivea lip balm with a lipstick that I love but was just too bright.

I know don’t judge me it seems such an odd thing to do, but the results are brilliant.
I am ecstatic with my new lip balm with a tint and full of SPF exactly want I wanted-Who Needs Mac.

Look What I made

Instructions are below if you want to join in the madness:
Cut a small amount off your lipstick of and put it in a little pot with a larger amount of a lip balm you have brought and melt in the microwave in bouts of 10 seconds and when running give it a little stir.

This little project comes with a safety warning be careful what pot you use, I thought eye shadow pots would be perfect, but it turns out by the two broken microwaves ☺ that they contain metal and plastic pots are a far safer bet.


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