The Perfect Brow

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Eyebrows can make a look or break a look, and its funny that most of us will spend a fortune on make up and hair but let the brow slip by the wayside.

Although celebrities for decades have always had power brows, the dark looming brows of Cara Delevingne, have made the women of the world ever more conscious of how ones should look.


If you anything like me then you have plucked to within an inch of your life, as well as left them to grow to slug like features dominating your face.

Finally I have found the ultimate problem solver: Vaishly is a salon just for the eye brown, and they will shape and tailor and tint the perfect brow for £25, it will be the best money you have spent.

With a salon in the heart of Marylebone, you are sure to love the tranquil setting of the salon, but to be honest even if they were in a car park you would go, as the brows the create are simple perfection.



51 Paddington Street
020 7224 6088

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