The Ultimate Make Up Remover

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A Must Have

A Must Have

Face wipes, cleansers and toners, are just a few of the options that you could consider when buying a make up remover. All raging for expensive to vastly expensive, and spending money on face wipes to me just seem the quickest way to throw money in the bin.

But ill be the first to admit I have always been the person that would rather spend the money and get something natural or kinder to the skin, mainly because I have the most ridiculously sensitive skin. For years I have used Decleor but they have recently changed their eye make up remover and it to be frank is just not good.

A beautician recently recommend that I try ‘Nivea Daily Essentials extra gentle make up remover’. I can honestly say it is one of the best make up removers I have ever used; it was great for my very sensitive skin, hardly had any smell and only cost £2, a five star recommendation from me on this product.

I am aware that the price does seem to vary from store to store and some have it price at around £3 or £4, but still an absolute bargain. I would never ever usually consider buying a lower end product- but it seems I have been missing out; no wonder people put their faith in ‘Nivea’. If you are looking for something new it’s definitely worth a try and its certainly affordable.

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