The Winning Formula

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There are truly hundreds of brands that produce foundation at varying prices all over the world.

Some say that the Chanel foundation is the best others prefer to spend less and suggest that Garniar BB foundation is worth trying.

Over the years i have tried so many, its difficult to think back and list them all.

For many years i used Mac foundations, but i always felt they were over priced and i would often find them thick and greasy and bad for my skin.  Bobby Brown was much the same greasy and it never seemed to stay put for long.

Bare Minerals foundation was like caking cement onto my face, and with a goats hair bush of all things “if you buy theirs”.

After so many failed attempts I had pretty much given up and was just using a bronzer, when thankfully someone suggested I try a brand called Illuminare.


This foundation I can honestly say is the best you will ever try, each and every person I have introduced to it, has fallen in love. It is one of a few liquid mineral foundations found in the world. There are a few different types with-in the range but I suggest the: ‘Moisturising Fantastic Finish’.The others are good but the ‘Mattifiying Ultimate all day’ can be quite thick and is better as a concealer. I have had one of the small tubes for almost a year and used it nearly everyday, clearly worth every penny.

There was a time when the Illuminare American online store was the only place to buy from.
The average cost to do this, per tube is around it cost around £17.50, when converted from dollars to pound. But be careful if you consider this option as the delivery can be expensive and don’t forget the import tax.

IlluminareIf you are looking for a local alternative, finally there is one: Cocktail Cosmetics are selling the tubes for £21.95 not including postage.