The Dream Cream

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By: Sophia Eribo

The Dream Cream

The Dream Cream

It is so hard to know what the best products are to use on your face, with so many on the market and so many different variations available its becomes almost impossible to know what to choose.

Do you want natural? Chemical free? or just something that works? As a sufferer of bad skin, I knew exactly what I wanted- a product that worked and that was gentle.

A combination that is usually quite hard to come by.


Through default I was introduced to a brand called ‘Carita’ its expensive and almost impossible to come by and you have to be a savvy internet shopper to get hold of the products you want. Move over Creme De La Mer because there is something spectacular in town, created in Paris Carita is a serious contented on the market.

If you are in the market for something new, I really think there is no better. Within the first week of using ‘Carita’ I noticed a difference in my skin and I was only using the basics wash and moisturiser

I totally understand the price is bordering on outrageous with prices starting at £60 for creams and serums and reaching £200- but I can vouch for its fabulousness.


A the very least I recommend taking a look at what they have to offer on theirwebsite.