There’s A New Designer In Town

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The Must Have Leggings

The Must Have Leggings

She opens the door, and immediately I can feel her aura, this is someone very special. Vivien Westwood move over because your flamboyancy has nothing in comparison with Elnaz Niknani. She is part of the new wave of British Designers from The London Collage of Fashion. And I am meeting her to discuss her range of hand crafted leggings for Topshop.

Custom Made

The 26 year-old; has huge mass of curls, enormous swimming pool blue eyes and beautiful Iranian skin, she is very striking, and there is no other word to use, she is cool unavoidably cool.

“Welcome come in,” Her booming Iranian voice said, I enter the home that and you know straight away that you’re in the presences of fashion royalty. I hand over the bottle off bubbly I bought; and in less than a minute she has popped the cork and with a cheeky grin says, “chin chin.” With our glasses full we get straight down to business, “please excuse the mess, I’m just working of the finishing touches, of the packaging for my Topshop launch,” Elnaz says.

Elnaz Niknani

I’m sat amongst sequins and sewing machines, to be honest exactly what I expected. She is straight talking and alot more relaxed and comfortable in her skin than I had imagined.

I am desperate to know; tell me about her Topshop range “I have been commissioned to make an affordable range of my customised leggings and tights for Topshop. It is very exciting, as I have never worked to this scale before. I will have three different designs in Oxford Street Topshop”.

I have seen some of the leggings she has made in the past and they are truly brilliant, each design is and explosion of sparkle and vibrancy. Which is why so many of the fashion conscious celebrities, have been seen wearing them, Florence Welsh (of Florence & The Machine) Jo Woods, Alice Dellal, Jamie Winston and Zandra Rhodes are just a few of her latest fans.


Too Perfect

Intrested to know how so many big names are wearing her leggings I ask. “To be honest with you I have never advertised, people see me or someone else wearing my designs; and ask where they can get them from. For example I was wearing my leggings and Florenceand the Machines manager saw them and immediately ask how she could get hold of them for Florence to wear. Also a lady from Tank magazine cased me down the platform at Brick Lane tube station, to find out where my leggings where from.”

She adds “I always feel special in my own clothes; I don’t really shop, but live for creating my own designs.” I’m curious to know where it all begin, again Elnaz uses her catch phrase, “to be honest I didn’t know fashion, I just loved creating things, my real love for customizing still didn’t fully develop until I started working in Amsterdam with Viktor and Rolf.”.