Time To Make A Change

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Singer Lana Del Rey in H&M's Christmas 2012 campaign

Singer Lana Del Rey in H&M’s Christmas 2012 campaign


It is always important to know what your buying and where it comes from, but when you buy from retailers such as Topshop and H&M you assume/expect what you are buying has been produced correctly.

PETA Photos

Recently PETA have revealed shocking truths about how angora wool is produced, H&M where one of the first retails to speak out and say they would stop selling any product containing angora wool until the situation had been investigated further.

However retails like Topshop are rumoured to not be so forth coming with their decision, and as of today angora products still line their shelves.

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, released ta statement saying: “We’re grateful to H&M and other compassionate retailers who have either pulled angora products from their shelves or halted production of clothing and accessories that contain this vile ‘fabric’.”

Time To Help

There is a petition on the PETA website to support the pledge for people to never wear angora again, there is also a deeply terrifying video, showing innocent animals in vast distress.

Please if you have the time sign the petition and hope however small we are as one person we can still join one another to make a difference.

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