Treat Dry Stressed Skin with Salcura Bioskin.

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If you are suffering from unusually dry, red, itchy or unusual skin sensitivities including bumps or spots under the skin, it’s probably being caused by stress. Salcura can help. Our Dermaserum (face), Bioskin Face Wash and Zeoderm (face & body) are the ideal products for dry and sensitive skin complaints.

Our skin is probably more stressed than usual. Combine this with allergens rife this time of year, it can really play havoc with our skin. The answer is Salcura Bioskin! Salcura skincare is packed full of natural ingredients that are proven to calm, soothe and nourish sensitive skin such as: sunflower seed oil, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Lindseed Oil to improve hydration. It contains no parabens or steroids. For the face, Dermaserum and Bioskin Face wash is particularly good for sore and stressed, red, blemished and dry skin.

Salcura’s unique, award-winning Dermaspray Intensive & Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser will feed dry and sensitive skin with essential nutrients it needs. Salcura’s star ingredients are: Sea Buckthorn – which contains an enormous amount of nutrients it is known to help with a number of skin issues, like dry and dehydrated skin, but also blemish and acne-prone skin. Natural Zeolite – this forms when volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater and is used in skincare to bind and eliminate skin toxins.

Most commonly found in supplements and great for removing daily pollutants from the skin. Sweet Orange – great for anyone with oily and acne-prone skin, citrus fruits are nearly a must. Their amazing antibacterial properties help with reduction of blemishes, helping your skin to feel and look silky smooth.

Sweet Almond Oil is the seed of a fruit and is a little powerbomb of nutrients for the skin. Containing Vitamins A & E, Fatty Acids and Minerals like Zinc and Potassium, Almond is able to deeply moisturise the skin, function as an antioxidant and is a great cleanser for any dirt that may have accumulated in your pores. Sunflower, Green tea and Argan are also known to naturally cleanse the skin of impurities and nourish and soothe even the most sensitive of skin. Aloe vera helps deal with dry flaky skin, which can also be a sign of stress. Aloe Vera has soothing properties to restore smooth supple skin and moisturizers containing aloe vera extract may be effective at improving skin hydration.