Vanilla Black

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By Eva Scarlett

Meat eaters beware; this vegetarian restaurant has a great reputation for producing quality food worthy of a michelin recommendation.

When I arrived at Vanilla Black I was greeted with a warm welcome by my waitress Gemma. The restaurant seemed quite empty and I was able to choose my own table, I was spoilt for choice the layout of the restaurant provided small sections, each with its own feel of intimacy.


I was definitely excited by the menu, although my choice of Brie ice cream with pickled plum and red wine custard to start was unfortunately a little disappointing. Each individual component was cooked to perfection and I certainly enjoyed the flavours however the sharpness of the pickled plums seemed to take over the dish. The ice cream although delicious was completely solid in the centre and felt like far too large a portion in comparison with the rest of the dish.

I chose the braised leeks for the main with Jerusalem artichokes and iced verbena. The lemon dumplings were delicious. In my opinion the iced verbena was not a good addition to the dish.  Hot and cold in the same dish just felt unnecessary.


Towards the end of the evening the restaurant had filled and it seemed as though most people were enjoying their food, my companion chose the whipped potato and loved it and the fried mushroom mousse in the main was to die for.

The clever combinations of texture were the highlight of most dishes however unfortunately the combination of temperatures was a let down for me. Thank goodness for the dessert. The liquid doughnut was genius, a delicious smooth, light mousse texture paired with coffee was fantastic and worth returning for.

Am I converted to the idea of vegetarianism? Not likely! Can I see why vegetarians and carnivores alike are flocking to this city-based restaurant? Absolutely


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